At High Tide Engineering, we recognise that every fabrication project is different, and we love taking on new challenges! That’s why we specialise in completing high-calibre custom fabrication in Perth for various different industries.

As a passionate team of fabricators, we view every custom job we take on as an opportunity to showcase the beauty of fabrication and the artistry behind our welding. We take great pride in providing unique and practical creations that can be used and appreciated by everyone, whatever the vision may be.

Aluminium Custom Fabrications

Our accomplished team are capable of designing and manufacturing custom aluminium fabrications that meet your exact specifications. Whether your project is straightforward and refined or elaborately detailed, we will take care to provide you with remarkable solutions that are guaranteed to fulfil your requirements.

Stainless Steel Custom Fabrications

As well as aluminium custom fabrication, our Perth team also completes custom stainless steel fabrication work for a wide range of customers. Our experienced fabricators have the knowledge and equipment to design, fabricate, and install custom solutions that suit your specific needs.

Custom Fabrications

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As dedicated industry experts, we take great pride in our craftsmanship and have completed all kinds of custom fabrication work in Perth to meet the requirements of our clients. To discuss your unique project, feel free to contact our skilled fabricators for a free consultation and learn how we can help you achieve your goals today.